What IS Acupuncture?

Although acupuncture has been developing for thousands of years, it is a relatively new therapy to the United States. This has resulted in some misunderstanding and misuse. Hopefully This page will give you a straight forward explanation of acupuncture therapy.  

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It is old, BUT...

Acupuncture has its roots beginning in Asia thousands of years ago. This is an important factor in proving the therapy is tried and true. However, it is important to remember acupuncture has been developing the entire time! It is not an ancient therapy being used in modern medicine, it is a modern therapy being utilized with a long history of development. Surgery is also rooted in ancient times, but is certainly different today than its origin and is constantly improving. The same is true with acupuncture. Research and development is essential to medicine.

Please do not worry about the odd terminology used by acupuncturists. We know it sounds funny, but it isnothing you need to believe in or even understand for successful treatment. It is just terminology used for diagnosing and treatment strategy. 

Acupuncture 101

Acupuncture is a stimulation therapy that uses the nervous system to induce anatomical injury repair as in tendonitis, or regulate a systematic function as in digestive, hormonal, and neurological disorders. Some local point locations are simple to understand, but many of the points needled in any given treatment require a vast knowledge of the therapy. 



Dry Needling VS Acupuncture

This hot topic in the body therapy world is an important example of specialization. Dry needling is a re-brand of acupuncture by physical therapists so they can capitalize on the popularization of acupuncture with a more palatable set of terminology for the western world. Needle insertion is arguably the most important aspect of acupuncture.  The techniques of how to insert needles as well as the knowledge of where and when to insert them is learned through years of study and thousands of hours of practice in graduate school for acupuncturists. Physical therapists that perform dry needling do so with significantly less knowledge of the act of needling as well as the importance of where and when to do such needling. This is allowed in our country because they do have a great education of human anatomy. My advice is to seek out the specialist in any given field, especially when your health is on the line. Although your family doctor is well educated in medicine, it would be wise to seek out a cardiologist for treatments concerning your heart. Go to a physical therapist for treatment with exercises and movements for rehabilitation. Go to an acupuncturist for needling in rehabilitation.