Services Overview

Described below are the different clinical settings available for you. Read through each to decide which would provide the most effective therapy for your needs.  

Private Room 

Private Room 


Private room treatments are essential in many injury and illness rehabilitations. The treatment strategies are more elaborate and direct in such cases which often include bodily locations that cannot be treated in a community room.

 In a private setting we are able to easily access anywhere that may be affected on your body that would otherwise be difficult to access in a community setting. For example: We can work on the low back, hip, and your leg to treat sciatica, or we can access the abdomen for digestive or gynecological disorders. 

However, once a condition is no longer debilitating, you can decide to utilize a community setting to maintain results and help prevent a future issue.

Please be wary of any acupuncture clinic that claims to work on any/all issue solely in a community setting. It is not an efficient way to treat many conditions and will take a much longer time to take effect if it does at all.



Community Room 

Community Room 


Community room treatments are a great setting for people to work on the prevention and maintenance of most conditions. This is also a perfect setting to work on any issues with the ears/nose/throat such as sinusitis and headaches. Most injuries from the knees down and elbows down can be fully treated in this setting as well. Insomnia and anxiety conditions are effectively treated in this setting as well, but many people elect to receive the treatment in a private setting for obvious reasons. 



Home Visit*

Home Visit*


Home visits will involve the same treatment as in the other settings, but in the comfort of your own home. Many people who are in need of treatment, but travel to the clinic is difficult or impossible choose this option.  

*A clean area approximately 6'x9' where I can set up the treatment area is required.

*No unsupervised minors are allowed in the treatment area for the duration of the visit.

*No unattended animals are allowed in the treatment area for the duration of the visit. 

* If the condition we are treating has also caused you to suffer financially please let me know and we will negotiate a fair price.